You are My dream

21 May 2017 20:00 | Vienna | St. Ruprechtskirche | neue musik st. ruprecht | You are My dream

Die Begierde
“longing for home”

You are My dream
I. The stars are still in your eyes.
II. Warmth
III. Exquisite Loneliness, Breathe.

Libretto & Composition with Video by Tamara Friebel,
featuring Nathalie Latham’s Video, Warmth

Kaoko Amano, Soprano
Gabriele Drab, Recorders
Tamara Friebel, Electronics & Visuals


Surrender, the dream.

28. May 2016 20:00pm | Surrender, the dream. | Forum Stadtpark, Graz |  impuls Minutenkonzerte. Galerienrundgang mit Musik.

Surrender, the dream.
Performance mit Video & Stimme, live-electronik und Zither.

Surrender, the dream

Surrender, the dream.

There is too much sorrow in your dream
Let me wake you up,
I am your angel, a guide from another way
where bliss flows
as light shines on your day


I, Libertas, hold you, little earth

30. Apr 2016 19:00pm | Klanglicht, Graz | Lichtschwert | I, Libertas, hold you, little earth | Klanginstallation | Next Liberty & Theatre Holding Graz

I, Libertas,
hold you, little earth
Klanginstallation mit 3 Akten für Lichtschwert, beim Oper Graz.

Dieser Körper ist ein Paradies
Umseidet sie mit Licht
Du hast mir die Welt gehalten, erinnerst du dich?

This body is a paradise
Wrap her in silk
Do you remember how you held the world that day for me?



Zwielichter, herumtanzend.

9. Dec 2015 19:30pm | Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuberg | L’heure bleue | Ensemble Klingekunst

dancing around us.
für Cembalo und Traversflöte.

mit Sieglinde Größinger, (Traversflöte)
Maja Mijatovic (Cembalo)

I am searching for the place where letting go of the light into its encroaching darkness is merely an inversion of the dark allowing the light to penetrate itself.  These states of transition, twilights, happen around us continually and are limited only by our current perspective.

Inspired by the philosophy of ancient Sanskrit poetry I am drawn to understand these forces through Nature’s wisdom:
If I am the world turning,
I am always in Twilight,
with my brother Sun and sister Moon standing near.
ZwielichterThe moon has swallowed the sun
The sun has kissed the moon
The twilight breathes.

Take Her to the River

Voices for Refugees

Guitar Sun
Take her to the River
für Marlene

Voices of breathing borders

Dear world,
Let’s remember there is only a global nation,

we are here to keep the planet breathing with peace & love,
especially when there’s heartache striking our brothers & sisters,

these songs are for the children.

Thank you for listening, Train of Hope, near to my heart & home, Hauptbahnhof Wien.

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