I love you

I love you / Ich liebe dich
Kranich Museum | Gutshof Hessenburg | Hessenburg/Saal | D-18317 Germany
Permanent Collection 2011 –
Museum Opening 24. September 2011

Interview – a conversation with curator Khadija Carroll

Choreographed intuitions for miniature loudspeakers and video:  What are viewers intuitive responses to watching the brolgas’ i love you dance and how do they articulate their response to that love, which goes on for a lifetime?  This piece explores the context of first impressions, and how an intuition can be captured in audio.  It is drawn from responses to a brolgas’ dance of love, a video snapshot of their lives spent together as companions. It is a piece which takes a brief moment of love between the brolgas and attempts to capture an audio relation to these birds, placing individuals in a environment of free-improvisation with the filtered gestures of the brolga.  These intuitive visual and sonic readings of the brolga’s dance evolve into an intimate cinematic installation, I love you.

Titel / Title: I love you, Ich liebe dich
Taxonomie / Taxonomy: Tamara Friebel, 20th Century
Herkunft / Habitat: Cohuna, Murray River, Australia
Spezies/Species: Brolga (Grus rubicunda), Native Companion, Australian Crane, 1810
Typ / Type: Miniature Loudspeakers in objet trouvé
Zeit / Time: March 30, 2010, 11:57


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