A Perennial Memory (2014)
Video installation 20′

There was never any war up here (2014)
Installation for Rondo Open Atelier
August 5 2014

Zero-Crossings (2013)
Galerie 69, Graz | Summer Confluence – Rondo KunstlerInnen
Aug 5 – 23 2013
Video installation 20′

Somewhere between life and decay (2013)
Drying, decaying flowers: Amaryllis, Ranunculus, enamelled copper wire
CD release on LIVO – Limited Edition of 20

Lady Justitia weighs her beauty, her words, her power over the forsaken with the weightlessness of snow (2012)
Video installation 10′

The Rise and Fall (2012)
Marrakech Biennale |  March 4 – June 4 2012
Installation by Khadija Carroll & Alex Schweder
with Tamara Friebel (sound)

I love you (2011)
Permanent Collection Kranich Museum | Germany
for Video projection, 6 channel for 14 Miniature loudspeakers, Objet trouvé (sea shells, a cupboard, chairs, film projection board and an old lute) (2011)
for Video projection, 5′ silent loop
stereo soundscape for Jessyca R. Hauser’s Video, inside out. outside in, 25′

speaking through water (2008)
stereo soundscape for Nathalie Latham’s film 5′

24 hours (2002)
Old tram poles prepared with fishing wire, bark and old tram studs in a fenced off yard “Unintrusive” Land Art, Brunswick, Melbourne

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You are My dream

21 May 2017 20:00 | Vienna | St. Ruprechtskirche | neue musik st. ruprecht | You are My dream

Die Begierde
“longing for home”

You are My dream
I. The stars are still in your eyes.
II. Warmth
III. Exquisite Loneliness, Breathe.

Libretto & Composition with Video by Tamara Friebel,
featuring Nathalie Latham’s Video, Warmth

Kaoko Amano, Soprano
Gabriele Drab, Recorders
Tamara Friebel, Electronics & Visuals


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