Instant memory trace I

or learning to breathe

for baroque flute, harpsichord, ping pong balls + live-electronics

swallowing one reality for another
multiple acquisitions pitted against
various similar streams of thought
which are collisions only in the memory,
in the pauses, the in-between spaces,
the moment of a breath

or have you ever tried to follow a train of thought
and have no idea where it went

Ensemble Klingekunst
Sieglinde Größinger, Traversflöte
Maja Mijatović, Cembalo

Liveaufnahme der Uraufführung am 6. März 2011 in der Ruprechtskirche, Wien
Video: Samuel Käppeli,

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You are My dream

21 May 2017 20:00 | Vienna | St. Ruprechtskirche | neue musik st. ruprecht | You are My dream

Die Begierde
“longing for home”

You are My dream
I. The stars are still in your eyes.
II. Warmth
III. Exquisite Loneliness, Breathe.

Libretto & Composition with Video by Tamara Friebel,
featuring Nathalie Latham’s Video, Warmth

Kaoko Amano, Soprano
Gabriele Drab, Recorders
Tamara Friebel, Electronics & Visuals


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