Catalogue of Works


You are My dream (2015)
Libretto & Video: Tamara Friebel
Part I: The stars are still in your eyes (2015) 14′
for soprano & live electronics
Part II: Warmth (2013) 15′
for soprano, cello, percussion & live electronics
Part III: Exquisite Loneliness, Breathe. (2015) 13′
for soprano, violin, soprano recorder, percussion & live electronics

…I’m out of breath…  all for you  (2012) 15′
for a hula hooper, vocalist, accordion, tam-tam, objet trouvé – 2 coffee grinders, gramophone, an antique Estey pump organ (video) live electronics with brass shim


Canto Morph (2012) 45′
for soprano, recorder, piano, violin, cello, flute, clarinet & live electronics
Libretto: excerpts from Ada Negri’s Tempeste (1896)


樂 絲 silk, 木 wood. (2015) 9′
for flute, violin, viola, cello, double bass & improvising bass clarinet

Wind up your desire (2014) 10′
for clarinet, violin, cello, improvised double bass and a gramophone (pressed record)

The Unself Triptych: Nausea, Alterity, Stollen (2009/12)
for video, viola d’amore, toy piano, piano, flutes(piccolo, alto flute, flute) voice & electronics 50’
(2009) 20′
for video, viola d’amore, toy piano, piano & electronics
text: a reflection on Emmanuel Levinas, On Escape, De l’évasion, 1935
(2010) 20′
for video, flutes(piccolo, alto & flute), toy piano, piano & electronics
(2012) 5′
for video, voice with live-electronics

Instant Memory Trace I or learning to breathe (2011) 10’
for Baroque flute, harpsichord, ping pong balls and live-electronics

a fragmented hyacinth stain: sappho’s fragment (2010) 13′
for soprano recorder, crystal bowls & electronics (4-Channel Max/Msp Ambisonic Patch)

a defragmented hyacinth stain: sappho’s fragment (2010) 13′
for prepared Contrabass Recorder (brass shim) & live-electronics

Jujun una voce (2009) 12’
for flute (bass, piccolo & C) with 8 channel track electroacoustics (Max/Msp patch)

Schallstück am Ende Verrückt (2004) 8′
for bassoon duo

Ostinato (2004) 5′
for bassoon
Auf die Plätze, Fagott, los!  Band 1 (Doblinger, 2004)

Das Schallstück (2004) 3′
for bassoon duo
Auf die Plätze, Fagott, los!  Band 2 (Doblinger, 2004)

suisse pavillon blasquintett (2003) 7′
for wind quintet


There was never any war up here. (2014) 12′
for a solo dancer, improvised accordion, soprano, flute, violin, cello, percussion & electronics, video
Concept/Text/Composition: Tamara Friebel; Video: Nathalie Latham; Choreography/Dance: Evguenia Chtchelkova


Warmth. Aria to fallen blossoms (2014) 8′
for soprano, flute, clarinet & violin

The Dissociative Said (2011) 4′
for soprano, video and electronics
Text: Tamara Friebel

Trill of the Human Bird, a Metamorphosis (2011) 14’
for soprano, electronics (prepared violin, Percussion, “ululation” Choir, Piano with Yin Yang balls) with live-electronics and “steel instrument”
Text: Tzotzil Poetry from Mary Bautista & Mariando Reynaldo Vazquez Lopez

An Epic in the Glasshouse (2010) 15’
for soprano, clarinet, violin, cello & electronics

Jujun (2009) 11′
for soprano, Yin Yang balls, prepared piano, prepared viola & flute with electronics (sound file)
Text: Mary Bautista (Tzotzil Poetry)

yelobal karaoke (2009) 7’
for soprano, Yin Yang balls, prepared piano with electronics (sound file)
Text: Mary Bautista (Tzotzil Poetry)

Voice Triptych : Voce silenzio, voce acqua, voce sogno  (2008) 13’
for soprano, teapot and keyboards (harpsichord, celesta, prepared piano) with electronics (sound file)
Text:  excerpts from numerous authors in Nathalie Latham’s “speaking through water”

Sappho: insolentia papyrus fragments (2007) 12’
for soprano, wineglass, prepared piano with electronics (sound installation recording 24 hours)
Text: Sappho, Ancient Greek fragments

cotted child of yestereve (2007) 9′
for 2 string quartets and soprano
Text:  excerpts from James Joyce, Finnegan’s Wake

Kleine Worte (2007) 3′
for piano and soprano
Text: Tamara Friebel

Hommage á Pablo Neruda (2005) 8′
I. Always you haunt me
II. Sometimes a piece of sun
III. No one saw
for piano and soprano
Text: after Pablo Neruda, Tamara Friebel


The Dissociative Said (2015) 5′
for live electronics (4 channel), video (A perennial Memory) and a gramophone

A Dried Memory (2014) 12′
3 records for 2 gramophones with live recorders (Gobi Drab)

A body of one’s own: Schismogenesis (2012) 15′
for Contrabass Recorder (Gobi Drab), 5 microphones with live-electronics

‘This is the time when I also have nothing more to say’ (2012) 10′
electroacoustic piece for 8-channel diffusion

Hula Hoop.  I’m out of breath.  All for you.  (2012) 15′
electroacousic piece with video for a hula hoop dancer, voices and an antique Estey Pump Organ (video) with 4-channel live-electronics

Luftadern/Balloon Artery (2012) 20′
for Paetzold contrabass recorder and balloon loudspeakers with live electronics

The Rise and Fall (2012) 8′
a vinyl record, sides A & B for Khadija Carroll & Alex Schweder’s Installation, The Rise and Fall

Hast du mein Bild gehört/Have you heard my picture? (2012) 20′
for recorders, samples, video, a helium balloon loudspeaker & live-electronics

Deflections: A sonic circus Performance, 2. Act (2011) 30′
I. blind étude
II. paint étude
III. live prepared electronics étude
IV. silent étude
V. foil étude
VI. slow motion étude
for prepared Aerial Ring, samples/deflections, prepared “hula hoops” and foil with live-electronics

Jsimtasbanajetik (2009) 14′
for 8-channel loudspeakers


45′ set (2011)
for voice, electronics, live-electronics, self-made spiral instrument, Steel and Copper with Max/Msp Patch, 45’
I. fire
for “steel instrument” (Antennae) with live-electronics
II. once I caught a fish alive
for voice with live-electronics
III. in the silence
for voice, audio file (cello, prepared piano, voice) and live-electronics
IV. Ice
for violin with live-electronics

w/rap (2011)
for Contrabass Recorder, voice with live-electronics 15″

Frescoed (2010)
Pieces for a live painter

Polyphon Etches (by an old Grammophone)

for a shellac gramophone, an old aerobic record, brass shim and electronics 10’
subMANTRAS: real-time drawings from Stockhausen’s Mantra

for brass shim and a rusted metal plate with live-electronics 10’
Snukulel Uk’un (The Ocean’s Skin)

for voice, prepared Zither, Yin Yang balls and audio file [cello, violin, percussion, clarinet, flute] with live-electronics 14’

i became a fabulous opera (2010)
for voice, electronics (sound file), prepared Zither, Recorder & live-electronics

Shimmy (2010) 10′
for voice, brass shim, steel rods, a rusted metal plate with live-electronics

steel, glass, wood, hair + air (2010)
for Recorders, steel instrument with live-electronics 10′ (2011)
“live compositions”
for a gramophone, violin, voice, tibetan bowl, a glass mirror and a port glass with live-electronics
with live-reactive-video projection (Laurids Oder)
I. you are the dancing queen

for voice, violin and live-electronics 15’
II. soul.smoke

for voice, violin, tibetan bowl, a glass mirror and a port glass with live-electronics 10’
III. Zusatz

for voice, violin, a glass mirror plate with live-electronics 10′
IV. Zusatz

for voice, violin and live electronics 10′


The Brolga Tears (2010) 50′
for children’s choir, solo soprano, mezzo-soprano, baritone, bass, chamber ensemble and percussion with electronics
Libretto: Tamara Friebel


Video: Nathalie Latham, Dance/Choreography: Evguenia Chtchelkova, Costume: Melinda Stokes
Suffragi. “Anonymous” homage á Shostakovich (2008) 14′
for string quartet
Suffragi. “Anonymous”
(2009) 14′
for video, string quartet
Suffragi. “Muskat” homage á Bach (2007) 12′
a suite for unaccompanied viola 
Suffragi. “Muskat” (2009) 12′
for video, prepared viola d’amore & electronics (viola d’amore)


The stars are still in your eyes
(2015) 14′

A perennial Memory (2014) 20′
with video artist Nathalie Latham, recorder player Gobi Drab

An accidental feminism (2014) 5′

zero-crossings (2013)
eine Komposition der Stille, a silent composition
for silent video 20′

Lady Justitia weighs her beauty, her words, her power over the forsaken with the weightlessness of snow (2012)
for silent video 10′

4 detuned piano études for Italo Calvino (2010)
for a small upright Murdoch piano 8′

Jsimtasbanajetik (2009)
for a lost video 12’