Glaskolben | Receiver

Mo, 9. bis Fr, 19. December 2013 | Galerie G69 | Graz Das Land Steiermark | Best Before | Window Installation

Glaskolben |  Receiver   for video, voice track & white Autumn leaves

Nathalie Latham (Australia/France)
Tamara Friebel (Australia/Austria)
Bettina Wohlfender (Switzerland)

The Hourglass

4. Dec 2013 | Rondo Atelier | Marienplatz 1/4/6 Graz | Best Before | Arbeiten der RONDO-KünstlerInnen | The Hourglass

Dec 4, 7 pm; Atelier no. 6; performance for Best Before

The Hourglass | Die Sanduhr

a pearl drop,
in a lake,
a voice remembered.

a performance by Tamara Friebel  (voice, laptop, electronics, instruments)
Nathalie Latham (video)

We have come to appreciate that unconscious psychic processes are in themselves ‘timeless’. This primarily means that they are not temporally ordered; that time does not alter them in any way; and that the notion of time cannot be applied to them. Freud, Beyond the Pleasure Principle. (2003: 67)

Freud has taught us that retrieving memory actively is sometimes the only way to try to relinquish old patterns of behaviour, set by circumstances outside of our control which may have happened in the deep past.  Repeating and working through these memories, with our feelings open and welcoming, allows us to find new insights and perspectives in life. I’m exploring in this performance, an album of retrieved memory,  where I draw from various musical forms of repetition, allowing multiple ways to diffuse and subject these memories to new fields of emotional distortion and new inner balance.

Wärme | Warmth 
Installation with a short opera, dried flowers and video 2013
Installation mit eine kurz Oper, vertrocknete Blumen und Video, 2013

A construction site of the short opera Wärme, Libretto & Composition by Tamara Friebel, video by Nathalie Latham; produced at Rondo Atelier no. 6 for WIEN MODERN/Progetto Semiserio/mediaOpera/Palais Kabelwerk/IGNM November 14-17 2013.

Wärme | Warmth

14. – 17. November 2013 19:30 | Wien Modern | Gates – Kurzopern | Palais Kabelwerk

a short dreamy opera reverie –  Wärme

in GATES – Zwischen?Raum (UA)
4 Musiktheater-Werke zur sozialen Durchlässigkeit einer Gesellschaft:
4 Musical Theatre Works about Journeys in Immigration

see for the COLLABORATIVE artistic development with Nathalie Latham

Libretto & Composition: Tamara Friebel
Video: Nathalie Latham
Musicians: Kaoko Amano (soprano) with PHACE ensemble
GATES @ Wien Modern 14-17 Nov 2013
Photo © Nick Mangafas

I’m drowning in this fugue,
These voices inside me
Have no idea how to speak
to each other.

There is one,
Trailing hope,
A new thing.
A silver thread drawn through
Its heart,
Delicate, lonely, afraid.

The other,



Mo, 5. bis Fr, 23. August 2013 | Galerie G69 | Graz Das Land Steiermark | Summer Confluence | Arbeiten der RONDO-KünstlerInnen

eine Komposition der Stille | a silent composition
for video 20′

Sound can be heard and also viewed as a wavelength, a perfect symmetrical waveform. I am interested in the silence of this lake, but I see the contradictory forces, where the visual wavelength represents to me a drowning white noise, sometimes an image of clarity and focus, and without me being able to pinpoint it, I am suddenly drawn into its polarity of unfocussed ignore and neglect. The zero-crossing, like a zero-crossing of a sine wave, at the apex crossing of this symmetry, is where the silence is held together. There appears to be no state of in-between-ess. It seems only to represent a Kierkegaardian Either/Or.

Still Life

28. June 2013 14 bis 21 Uhr | Rondo Atelier No. 6 | Marienplatz 1/4/6 Graz | Still Life | RONDO-Artist Open Studios

Installation with 6 music pieces, flowers and a video, 2013        
with Barbara Toifl (Theory)

I hear its life, where my ‘still-life’ becomes its own captured moment in time, against the fading . . . 

Ich hör die Lebendigkeit, dort wo mein “still-life” seinen eigenen Moment, gegenüber der Vergänglichkeit erfährt… Tamara Friebel

Re-composed leftovers from a local flower shop pass away into acoustic compositions.

Re-komponierte Reste von einem örtlichen Floristen, ver-gehen in Soundkompositionen. Die eingeladene Kollegin Barbara Toifl stellt sich  dem Ephemeren und  ihrer Erinnerungsfähigkeit, abseits von Beat, Narration und Nostalgie und versucht darin durch zu halten – wird die Komposition aber immerwährend hintergehen.

…always deceiving the composition in her memory …
Barbara Toifl

an accidental feminism, in the Botanical Garden, Vienna

I made this miniature installation “Precarious, delicate feminism – are you floating or drowning?” at the Botanical Garden in Vienna, in the Nymphoides Peltata – Heimische Seekanne (Fringed Water-Lily) Pond this evening around 6pm. By some random synchronicity, an exhibition opened a few minutes later, coincidentally 10 metres away from my installation, with Lisa Kuglitsch’s meditative compos(t)ing, a performance act which focussed on the simultaneity and reciprocity of death and life, where she re-heaped a pile of compost, resulting in the dirty weathering of her dress.

Kuratiert von Hannah Stippl

Eröffnung II: Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2013, 19 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer 6. Juni – 12. Juli 2013,
täglich 10.00 – 18.00 Uhr, KALTHAUS Botanischer Garten der Universität Wien, Mechelgasse/Prätoriusgasse, 1030 Wien

A singer sewing machine

22. May 2013 8:00pm | Grenzwerte 2.0 2013 | Welt BUMMein | Echoraum | Vienna

A singer sewing machine
with Gobi Drab
Live performance with an old manual Singer sewing machine from Scotland
(with its home for many years in Vienna)
live – diffusion through 4 channels

A body of one’s own: Schismogenesis

28. April 2013 11:30am | Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music | Beyond Soundscape | Queen’s University SARC | Belfast, Northern Ireland

A body of one’s own: Schismogenesis
a live-electronics piece for the Sonic Arts Research Centre Sonic Lab with over 60 loudspeakers
Gobi Drab (recorder), Tamara Friebel (live electronics)

“Still the noise in the mind: that is the first task – then everything else will follow in time.” Schafer

In a body of one’s own Tamara and Gobi explore the usually hidden physical soundscape and mental state of Gobi’s body and psyche. Through amplifying her effects as delayed and schizophrenic schizophonia, Tamara diffuses and distorts “live” through the SARC Sonic Lab.  These additional layers, scattered around the room and disconnected from Gobi as a sound source display all the small noises that musicians usually try to minimize. What does Gobi’s heartbeat sound like under performance conditions, how does her amplified breath and the sounds of her mouth add to the performance as a soundscape.

Somewhere between life and decay

26. April 2013 19:30 | Hirt-Haus Atelier | Dr. Schalling Gasse 1, 8811 Scheifling
27. April bis 17. Mai | Exhibition 15-19 Mi-Sa
‘Nature mort(e)?’ Arbeiten der RONDO-KünstlerInnen

Somewhere between life and decay
Drying, decaying flowers: Amaryllis, Ranunculus, enamelled copper wire
CD release on LIVO – Limited Edition of 20

Gallery spaces ‘house’ objects, in the form of ‘still life’ for a limited duration, and this piece explores the presence of a decaying object, which for a flower shop, is an object which becomes less desirable and loses profit with time. It questions our standard notion of beauty and use-by dates, asking the viewer to see worth in objects acquiring a new sensibility within a new context.

I have collected plant and flower material from a flower shop that is discarded at the end of each week, in order to form my own artificial ‘still life’. Watch it decay slowly with time and hear the breath being drained from its beauty, as the colour fades with time.

Rusted Paradise

29. March 2013 3pm | Qubit Noise Festival | ‘Clemente Solo Velez’ | Lower East Side, New York

This rusted paradise is ours too
performance with video, steel instrument and live electronics