Luftadern/Balloon Artery

7pm | April 28 2012 | Forum Stadtpark | Graz
Zu Gast im Forum | Impuls | Galerienrundgang mit Musik

Kontrabassblockflöte + Luftballon
for recorder and a balloon loudspeaker

Duo Performance Tamara Friebel & Reni Weichselbaum
a collaboration with Reni Weichselbaum (Contrabass recorder)


hula hoop. I’m out of breath. all for you.

Sound Thought 2012
March 3 2012 6.30 pm | The Arches | Glasgow
Annabel Carberry & Tamara Friebel

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” Émile Zola

hula hoop
I’m out of breath
all for you

for hula hoop dancer, voices and and an antique Estey Pump Organ

This piece looks at the concept of giving until it hurts: pushing oneself to exhaustion, for the sake of the gift – that artistry is achieved.  What is the subsequent tension that is created between the giver and the receiver, in this case, the audience? To what extent do artists’ push themselves for the audience, for the “gift” and how much is the journey for their own fulfillment limited by the constant desire to impress in a world where there seems an ever increasing demand to be entertained.

Annabel, a hula-hoop dancer is staged with a video and live-musical soundscape of an Antique Pump Organ, recorded by Tamara in an Anglican Church on the Great Ocean Beach Resort, Apollo Bay Australia. “Brass Shimmy Etchings” are played live by Tamara to mimic and  find a language to choreograph live with Annabel.  Finally, Markee Rambo-Hood and Chris Hutchings enter singing vocals as the breathless dancer hands over her exhaustion to them.