A singer sewing machine

22. May 2013 8:00pm | Grenzwerte 2.0 2013 | Welt BUMMein | Echoraum | Vienna

A singer sewing machine
with Gobi Drab
Live performance with an old manual Singer sewing machine from Scotland
(with its home for many years in Vienna)
live – diffusion through 4 channels

A body of one’s own: Schismogenesis

28. April 2013 11:30am | Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music | Beyond Soundscape | Queen’s University SARC | Belfast, Northern Ireland

A body of one’s own: Schismogenesis
a live-electronics piece for the Sonic Arts Research Centre Sonic Lab with over 60 loudspeakers
Gobi Drab (recorder), Tamara Friebel (live electronics)

“Still the noise in the mind: that is the first task – then everything else will follow in time.” Schafer

In a body of one’s own Tamara and Gobi explore the usually hidden physical soundscape and mental state of Gobi’s body and psyche. Through amplifying her effects as delayed and schizophrenic schizophonia, Tamara diffuses and distorts “live” through the SARC Sonic Lab.  These additional layers, scattered around the room and disconnected from Gobi as a sound source display all the small noises that musicians usually try to minimize. What does Gobi’s heartbeat sound like under performance conditions, how does her amplified breath and the sounds of her mouth add to the performance as a soundscape.

Somewhere between life and decay

26. April 2013 19:30 | Hirt-Haus Atelier | Dr. Schalling Gasse 1, 8811 Scheifling
27. April bis 17. Mai | Exhibition 15-19 Mi-Sa
‘Nature mort(e)?’ Arbeiten der RONDO-KünstlerInnen

Somewhere between life and decay
Drying, decaying flowers: Amaryllis, Ranunculus, enamelled copper wire
CD release on LIVO – Limited Edition of 20

Gallery spaces ‘house’ objects, in the form of ‘still life’ for a limited duration, and this piece explores the presence of a decaying object, which for a flower shop, is an object which becomes less desirable and loses profit with time. It questions our standard notion of beauty and use-by dates, asking the viewer to see worth in objects acquiring a new sensibility within a new context.

I have collected plant and flower material from a flower shop that is discarded at the end of each week, in order to form my own artificial ‘still life’. Watch it decay slowly with time and hear the breath being drained from its beauty, as the colour fades with time.

Rusted Paradise

29. March 2013 3pm | Qubit Noise Festival | ‘Clemente Solo Velez’ | Lower East Side, New York

This rusted paradise is ours too
performance with video, steel instrument and live electronics


15. December 2012 9pm | AO& www.AOUND.NET | Sonnenfelsgasse 3 | Vienna
without fire, charcoal, charred for a beautiful Boesendorfer (piano improvisation)

CD AO& 2045 no 13
(AO& with sound engineer: Christoph Amann, curator: Luke Matthews)

a re-enactment

8. December 2012 3pm | Saturday Event: on Language | ICA The Mall London
sound concept with Khadija Carroll’s 40, 000 years of modern art, a re-enactment
Joanna Christie (voice)  and Kirill Burlov (choreography)

see the review from Jonas Tinius online at Visual Arts Australia

Performances in the bar at 3pm invite artists to respond to the notion of language and its relationship to articulating the visual.

Saturday Event: On Language

a kiss for the new city urbo kune

2. December 2012 3pm | kunstkolchose kkm25 | mulkovice bei znaim | Czech Republic
urbo kune: manifest für die hauptstadt der vereinigten staaten von europa

symposionistischen finalfete**
1. und 2. dezember 2012

im mittelpunkt des f.e.a-finalfestes steht die
initiative der symposionistischen internationale
zur errichtung der hauptstadt der vereinigten staaten von europa.
die nun uraufgeführte komposition
a kiss for the new city: kiso urbo kune
von tamara friebel ist zugleich der städtebauliche entwurf und musikalische partitur der neuen stadt, die urbo kune genannt wird, die gemeinsame stadt.

konzert/uraufführung**** in zwei variationen:
a kiss for the new city urbo kune
variation andante
gespielt von GERALD PREINFALK tenorsaxofon
variation kantate
gesungen von FRANZ GÜRTELSCHMIED tenor

die uraufführung stellt einerseits den auftakt der initiative für die gründung der europäischen hauptstadt dar, andererseits der beginn einer experimentreihe, architekturentwürfe als musikalische partituren zu interpretieren, eine zusammenarbeit des klangforum wien und des forum experimentelle architektur.

sappho’s purple stain

19. November 2012 7:10pm | Huddersfield Contemporary Festival | hcmf shorts | St Paul’s Hall | UK

“like 2 hyacinth in the mountains trampled by shepherds until only a purple stain remains on the ground” Sappho

Tamara Friebel with Gobi Drab
Gobi Drab (recorder), Tamara Friebel (live electronics, composition)

A fragmented – defragmented Hyacinth Stain: Sappho’s Fragment
For Recorders, Paetzold Recorder prepared with Brass Shim and Live Electronics

This piece emerged from a bunch of bright hyacinth which were given to a friend
during a period of being unwell. It explores the smearing of the colours of the
hyacinth, the squeezing out of its last drops of colour. Its trampling.

The energy lines of this piece are littered with debris, unfocalised yet bound by a certain, unknown constraint. The piece gradually uncovers its own unknown script, a graphic dimension which is to be solved uniquely by the performer. The performer draws from the knowledge of the compositional world it encounters at first, and then approaches the dissolution of this knowledge, as the conventional notation disappears. A pick-up microphone is attached to brass shim, which is placed on the labium of the Paetzold Contrabass Recorder. The piece explores further through this distortion device, as the brass shim prevents and smears the sound produced.

I became a fabulous opera
for Teapot, Brass Shim, Voice, Recorders, Water & Live-Electronics

“I became a fabulous opera; I saw that everyone in the world was doomed to happiness: action isn’t life; it’s merely a way of ruining a kind of strength, a means of destroying nerves. Morality is water on the brain.”

from A Season in Hell, Une Saison en Enfer, Arthur Rimbaud

…I’m out of breath.. all for you

25. October 2012 7:30pm | Wien Modern | Palais Kabelwerk | Oswaldgasse 35A A-1120 Wien
Wie Wir Wollen | all night long
Beginn: 19:30 open End mit Frühstück

Eine Koproduktion von e_may, WIEN MODERN und Palais Kabelwerk in Zusammenarbeit mit PHACE. Mit Anne La Berge, Luna Alcalay, Elisabeth Harnik, Joanna Wozny, Liza Lim, Olga Neuwirth, Tamara Wilhelm, Caroline Profanter, Rebecca Saunders, Pia Palme, Electro Indigo…

Tamara Friebel …I’m out of breath…  all for you

für eine Zirkusartistin/hula hooper, Stimme, Tamtam, Akkordeon, Live Elektronik mit Messingfolie und Objet trouvé (UA Neue Fassung, Auftragswerk e_may).

Annabel Carberry – hula hoops
Igor Gross – percussion
Gina Mattiello – vocals
Krassimir Stenev – accordion

see further details on the Wien Modern homepage