A dried memory

4 May 2014 20:00 | Vienna | St. Ruprechtskirche | New Music Concert – neue musik st. ruprecht | LOVE/a dried memory

Drei kurze Stücke für getrocknete Blumenpartitur
Three short pieces for dried-flower scores with 2 gramophones & recorders (Gobi Drab)

“the old can wither and go back to the earth”
I. The Grandmother

“to know how to be reborn into a new life at every moment is the secret of eternal youth” II. The Mother

“here, her soul is calm, present.”
III. The Daughter

Knowledge was never born and therefore never dies. It is not possessed by anyone, for it is always there in all times — past, present, and future — for all seekers.  Rami Swama

a dried memory bezieht seine feinen Nuancen aus den kalten Resonanzräumen der Ruprechtskirche, dem Schaffen und Interpretieren einer Partitur für Blockflöten aus in der Kirche getrockneten Blumen und den markanten Klangeigenschaften eines Grammophons