Warmth. Aria to fallen blossoms

17 June 2014 | Tokyo | Japan | Ensemble Platypus | re:construction

Wärme. Arie gefallenen Blüten
Warmth. Aria to fallen blossoms
for Soprano, Flute, Clarinet & Violin

Yoshihiro Kawaura / Tamara Friebel
Access Points II
Warmth – Aria to fallen Blossoms

山路落花                          Mountain Path, Fallen Blossoms
ちりそむる                                                      First snowfall
春の初雪                                                    of cherry petals
ふりぬれば                                          starting to scatter―
ふみ分けまうき                     how hateful, tramping through it
滋賀の山越                                   over the pass from Shiga!

[English translation by Burton Watson]

Gaining access to an intuitive expression that might be shared between our two thought processes was explored associatively.  Pictorially an image of “composed” dried flowers was sent from one composer to the other, who responded with carefully selected poems about “falling flowers”, expressing a synergy between the desires of the composers for a communication which worked with onomatopoeic gestural components, both linguistically and expressively. The tradition of rich visual imagery within Japanese poetry was the background to the access behind these intuitive thoughts, where both composers sought through natural phenomena, the materiality of expression: Mountain Path, Fallen Blossoms from “Sankashuu” became a starting point to access their respective musical languages.