The Hourglass

4. Dec 2013 | Rondo Atelier | Marienplatz 1/4/6 Graz | Best Before | Arbeiten der RONDO-KünstlerInnen | The Hourglass

Dec 4, 7 pm; Atelier no. 6; performance for Best Before

The Hourglass | Die Sanduhr

a pearl drop,
in a lake,
a voice remembered.

a performance by Tamara Friebel  (voice, laptop, electronics, instruments)
Nathalie Latham (video)

We have come to appreciate that unconscious psychic processes are in themselves ‘timeless’. This primarily means that they are not temporally ordered; that time does not alter them in any way; and that the notion of time cannot be applied to them. Freud, Beyond the Pleasure Principle. (2003: 67)

Freud has taught us that retrieving memory actively is sometimes the only way to try to relinquish old patterns of behaviour, set by circumstances outside of our control which may have happened in the deep past.  Repeating and working through these memories, with our feelings open and welcoming, allows us to find new insights and perspectives in life. I’m exploring in this performance, an album of retrieved memory,  where I draw from various musical forms of repetition, allowing multiple ways to diffuse and subject these memories to new fields of emotional distortion and new inner balance.

Wärme | Warmth 
Installation with a short opera, dried flowers and video 2013
Installation mit eine kurz Oper, vertrocknete Blumen und Video, 2013

A construction site of the short opera Wärme, Libretto & Composition by Tamara Friebel, video by Nathalie Latham; produced at Rondo Atelier no. 6 for WIEN MODERN/Progetto Semiserio/mediaOpera/Palais Kabelwerk/IGNM November 14-17 2013.