Mo, 5. bis Fr, 23. August 2013 | Galerie G69 | Graz Das Land Steiermark | Summer Confluence | Arbeiten der RONDO-KünstlerInnen

eine Komposition der Stille | a silent composition
for video 20′

Sound can be heard and also viewed as a wavelength, a perfect symmetrical waveform. I am interested in the silence of this lake, but I see the contradictory forces, where the visual wavelength represents to me a drowning white noise, sometimes an image of clarity and focus, and without me being able to pinpoint it, I am suddenly drawn into its polarity of unfocussed ignore and neglect. The zero-crossing, like a zero-crossing of a sine wave, at the apex crossing of this symmetry, is where the silence is held together. There appears to be no state of in-between-ess. It seems only to represent a Kierkegaardian Either/Or.