A body of one’s own: Schismogenesis

28. April 2013 11:30am | Sonorities Festival of Contemporary Music | Beyond Soundscape | Queen’s University SARC | Belfast, Northern Ireland

A body of one’s own: Schismogenesis
a live-electronics piece for the Sonic Arts Research Centre Sonic Lab with over 60 loudspeakers
Gobi Drab (recorder), Tamara Friebel (live electronics)

“Still the noise in the mind: that is the first task – then everything else will follow in time.” Schafer

In a body of one’s own Tamara and Gobi explore the usually hidden physical soundscape and mental state of Gobi’s body and psyche. Through amplifying her effects as delayed and schizophrenic schizophonia, Tamara diffuses and distorts “live” through the SARC Sonic Lab.  These additional layers, scattered around the room and disconnected from Gobi as a sound source display all the small noises that musicians usually try to minimize. What does Gobi’s heartbeat sound like under performance conditions, how does her amplified breath and the sounds of her mouth add to the performance as a soundscape.