Somewhere between life and decay

26. April 2013 19:30 | Hirt-Haus Atelier | Dr. Schalling Gasse 1, 8811 Scheifling
27. April bis 17. Mai | Exhibition 15-19 Mi-Sa
‘Nature mort(e)?’ Arbeiten der RONDO-KünstlerInnen

Somewhere between life and decay
Drying, decaying flowers: Amaryllis, Ranunculus, enamelled copper wire
CD release on LIVO – Limited Edition of 20

Gallery spaces ‘house’ objects, in the form of ‘still life’ for a limited duration, and this piece explores the presence of a decaying object, which for a flower shop, is an object which becomes less desirable and loses profit with time. It questions our standard notion of beauty and use-by dates, asking the viewer to see worth in objects acquiring a new sensibility within a new context.

I have collected plant and flower material from a flower shop that is discarded at the end of each week, in order to form my own artificial ‘still life’. Watch it decay slowly with time and hear the breath being drained from its beauty, as the colour fades with time.