Zwielichter, herumtanzend.

9. Dec 2015 19:30pm | Sammlung Essl, Klosterneuberg | L’heure bleue | Ensemble Klingekunst

dancing around us.
für Cembalo und Traversflöte.

mit Sieglinde Größinger, (Traversflöte)
Maja Mijatovic (Cembalo)

I am searching for the place where letting go of the light into its encroaching darkness is merely an inversion of the dark allowing the light to penetrate itself.  These states of transition, twilights, happen around us continually and are limited only by our current perspective.

Inspired by the philosophy of ancient Sanskrit poetry I am drawn to understand these forces through Nature’s wisdom:
If I am the world turning,
I am always in Twilight,
with my brother Sun and sister Moon standing near.
ZwielichterThe moon has swallowed the sun
The sun has kissed the moon
The twilight breathes.