The stars are still in your eyes

21. Jan – 22. Feb 2015 Exhibition Shifting Constellations | Kulturzentrum bei den Minoriten Graz, Austria
2 Feb – 28. Feb 2015 Exhibition Savinov likovni salon | Žalec Slovenia

21. Jan 20.30pm Opening Performance with Kaoko Amano (soprano)

It must have been in another life that these mountains held me like a babe.
Sometimes my dreams return this image to me;
but mostly I just know without thinking much about it.

In this gaze, my eyes saw that it takes more than one lifetime to learn to be a daughter. I had learnt homelessness, but I had also taught myself to hope when tenderness had shut its gaze from me.

I drank my tea. It was warm, and comforting. Outside the trees were losing their leaves, I heard their rhythms collide, amplifying their soft landings. It was a peaceful rhythm, like a slow Adagio that has lost its right hand, its melody. It felt like a tea ceremony, in the lonely forest above Kyoto; where 2 people sat in an unending silence, no breath longer or shorter than the one before.

The stars are still in your eyes, 2015

The stars are still in your eyes ©TFriebel

Voices from the past come to help and guide the listener in this short film. As moments from a deep past are recollected, an unconscious world that could have happened in another place, another time collides with the present moment, where the stillness contains its memory.  

The voice which one hears in the audible soundscape, a voice emerging as whispers of thought, conflicting questions and associations with the memory of the past, is heard with the background of water boiling, being prepared for a hot tea, a tea ceremony in the hills above Kyoto, Japan. An old cymbal and drum belonging to my “new” Austrian grandfather, who was a musician in the Salzkammergut alps is used to create the soundscape; to bring these memories and associations into friendship; I am a daughter of this world, and other worlds which have already passed. We are always in communication; creating a labyrinth of meaning in dreamscapes or realities;

passing before the stillness in our eyes.

The stars are still in your eyes ©TFriebel

A score for solo soprano, from three Japanese poems, can also be performed live with this piece. It is another layer of hidden associations; ancient words from poets, weaving themselves through my present imagination, bringing their voices alive in the present moment. The three voices of these poets weave in and out of each other, as the singer swaps, sometimes suddenly, between the emotional expressions of each poem.

Imperceptible   Iro miyede
It withers in the world, Utsuro mono wa
This flower-like human heart.  Yo no naka no, Hito no kokoro no, Hana ni zo arikeru

I have always known Tsui ni yuku
That at last I would Michi to wa kanete, Kikishi kado
Take this road, but yesterday Kino kyo to wa
I did not know that it would be today.  Omowazarishi wo

In a gust of wind the white dew Shira tsuyu ni, Kaze no fukishiku
On the Autumn grass  Aki no no wa, Tsuranuki tomenu
Scatters like a broken necklace. Tama zo chirikeru
Bunya no Asayasu