Ashes. Gold

22. November 2014, 19:30 | EXPAN | Schloss Porcia, Musiksaal, Spittal an der Drau | Ashes. Gold | Kuss! | Werkstatt für NEUE MUSIK | Festival for new music with Bruno Ströbl

Vera Klug (flute), Theodor Burkali (clarinet), Christoph Hofer (accordion)

Interviews & Moderation: Nina Polaschegg

Ashes. Gold

Ashes. Gold

“All the visible phenomena in the universe are as transient as ash”

The process of sensitivity to hearing an inner voice, a “collective” inner voice, one that is possible after burning to ash the intimidating, unintegrated external voice, can sometimes be found only by realising vividly the part that “I” didn’t compose, but it was composed through a complex weaving of memory, associated thoughts, arriving in particular musical gestures through many many people.

This piece dedicates a special thank you to Sergej Tchirkov, the accordionist based in St. Petersburg. We worked together in the performance of “There was never any war up here”, a piece in memory of World War I, where Sergej performed improvisation with the dancer Euvegenia Chtchelkova against the backdrop of a small ensemble and electronics score. “Ashes. Gold” contains excerpts, “debris” from Sergej’s sensitive responses in this context, which I wanted to bring into light, in this trio, a trio of uncovering and discovering the hidden gold, somewhere from the ashes.

für Urbo Kune, Kids
This is a “Stadtplan” Partitur, that belongs to an ever evolving project centred around the idea of a new city for Europe, Urbo Kune. It is also a long running project for me, where I continue to find ways to re-interpret this visual score. For this interpretation, I invite a young musician, Rapphael, on the alto saxophone to help create the piece, where he is given hints & help along the way to “interpret” the Stadtplan.