A perennial memory

25. June 2014 | Rondo Atelier No.6 | Marienplatz 1/4/6 Graz | A Perennial Memory | Arbeiten der RONDO-KünstlerInnen/Exhibition of Rondo Artists

Installation | A Perennial Memory

3 glass plates, fresh flowers, a video 20′

A Perennial Memory

A Perennial Memory, Vienna

A Dried Memory
mit Blockflöten, Bansuri Flöten, Grammofon
with recorders, Bansuri Flutes, Gramophone

Tamara Friebel – Concept, Composition, Bansuri Flutes, Voice
Gabrielle Drab – Recorders
Nathalie Latham – Video

A Perennial Memory

Installation | There was never any war up here
steel wire, 4 hardback books, a mirror, maroon cotton thread and video (from Erwartung Premiere in Moscow, Nathalie Latham)

Sleep my dear son, this lullaby is for you,
rest in the moon’s embrace

she is peace for
you, today.

Gut Nacht, gut Nacht, mein liebster Schatz,
Gute Nacht, schlaf wohl, mein Kind!
[Volkslied, Ständchen, aus Brahm’s Lieder]

Good night, good night, my dearest treasure
Good night, sleep well, my child!
[Folk Song, Serenade, from Brahm’s Songs]