There was never any war up here.

21. May 2014 8pm | Meyerhold Centre, Moscow | There was never any war up here – “Erwartung” Festival for 1st World War Centenary | Studio for New Music Moscow, Nathalie Latham & Euvegenia Chtchelkova [dance]

There was never any war up here.
Hier oben war niemals Krieg.
Здесь никогда небыло войны.

Performance with Soprano, Flute, Violin, Cello, Percussion & Electronics with solo dancer & video with original libretto

Austrian-Russian project “Erwartung/Anticipation” – Vladimir Tarnopolski with Vera Serebriakova for Year of the Austrian culture in Russia
Studio for New Music Moscow, ensemble-in-residence at the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory

Lay down your arms! (1889)
“nur der Mond”
…up there

“Da kommt ein Licht! Ach! nur der Mond….  Wie gut… Dort tanzt etwas Schwarzes …hundert Hände … Sei nicht dumm ist ein Schatten”
Marie Pappenheim, Erwartung, op. 17 (1909)
[There comes a light!  Ah!  It’s only the moon….all is well
..over there something dark is dancing… hundreds of hands….
don’t be silly… it is a shadow]

Lay down your arms. (1889)
English title of the 1889 novel “Die Waffen Nieder!” by the Austrian pacifist activist Bertha von Suttner, who received the first 1905 Nobel Peace Prize.

my breath
is the
breath of
in the
of the
to finally
be given
back to

war? why a war? why? is a bullet driven through the brains of another’s thoughts ever going to solve anything? did we come so far, only to return to madness,
realism. sucking its freedom as a hideous piece of covering,
underneath our sleep.
blankets cold.

The moon is the place of dreams.
There it is,
Up there.