Australia Venice Pavilion

28. Juni – 3. August 2008 | Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
Venice Biennale New Australian Pavilion Di Stasio Ideas Competition
Exhibited shortlisted entry for a new Australian Pavilion in Giardini, Italy

The Australia Pavilion in Venice takes a shadow of inspiration from the heritage in Murano glass design that has existed in Venice over the centuries.  Australia’s youth, in terms of its architectural footprint, together with its age-old wisdom found in inspirational forms throughout its landscape, enables a certain innocence towards innovation in the face of cultural and historical derivatives.  Many pavilions on this Giardini site have stood the test of time, but are perhaps limited by their rationalist dialogue of the Modernist Movement.  This new Australia pavilion is able to take its place on the canal waterfront, as a sculptural gallery.   The extravagance of a glasshouse inspired form, with its variations developed in strange attractor set theory, reflects a surrealist attitude towards sculptural form and anamorphous architectures.

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